~ first of all being a child of God we shouldn’t struggle to hear the voice of God. But the reason we struggle is that we do not know or have knowledge about His voice and discernment. This could be ant of the reason. Other reasons could be that we are too caught in our affairs of life, to caught with the activities that we forget to hear Him speaking another reason could be, we are filled with the information of the world, our ears and eyes are allowing the junks of the world to come in us and fill our minds which creates a blockage to hear the voice of God. Just like a fly cannot pass through a spider web. If not all these other reasons could be, we are not in tune spiritually with God. See when a band plays, they’re harmonically in tuned with one another so for us to walk with Him (conversation) we must be intuned with Him, or else we’re not together. What I mean is our ears must be tuned to hear His voice so when He speaks we hear clearly. Receptive. This is not a one-day learning kit and there’s no shortcut. Hearing God is developed in intimacy with Him everyday. Slowly and gradually you’ll begin to hear Him clearly. A relationship must be constant, persistent not our of obligation but our of love. Remember a sheep doesn’t doesn’t struggle to hear his shepherd because they have a relationship.

Also we must know the mediums God speaks to us. He is a sovereign God and shouldn’t be limited by our coconut head. He speaks though His word (Bible), signs (Gideon and the fleece), audibly (Samuel and Eli), though people like leaders and friends who knows the Lord, though situation and circumstances,

Hunger –
Hunger for God and His word is not separable but one. The Bible says, those who hunger and thirst for His righteousness shall be filled.

The more you feed yourself in His word the more you’ll be hungrier. You’ll never be satisfied when you feed on. By unsatisfaction I mean you’d want more. It is eternal hunger and an unquenchable thirst. In the kingdom we eat to become hungry. Hunger is in His encounter. Remember, only a dead man can’t be hungry. Hunger keeps us alive and does applies to our spiritual life too.

Hunger for God or His word it comes to the same point. To be hungry for God and the relationship means that you want to be desperately seeking Him everyday. For that to happen you need to know the one whom you want to be in a relationship with, and that happens when we read the word of God.