I’m confused. I see many guys who knows the Lord. They are leaders in churches, good looking, smart handsome and I get drawn to everyone of them.

Please help me with the best answer. I am 22.

2. part of the question. Good to know that you are attracted to born again, spirit-filled men who are passionate and zealous for God since the Bible tells about yoking equally with a believer and to be in the light. But don’t be led by emotion and feeling and if you think you’re patient in these better not haste, it might birth wrong relationship. Let patience play its perfect work, wait on the Lord, trust in the Lord.

It is normal to have such thoughts when you see somebody wouldn’t condemn it but at that time self introduction is a must,ask yourself “am I ready for it?”.

Op momenten als ik beledigd ben door mijn vriend, stopt hij me meteen. Meestal lijkt het mij vrij mooi, maar hier zie ik meteen dat hij korte benen en zelf tevreden fysiogomie heeft. Hij gelooft dat ik erop manipuleerden, weigert hem in seks, ik wil in mijn netherlandsapotheek.com/kopen-viagra-generiek/ erop staan. Maar in feite ben ik er gewoon ziek van in deze momenten – dat is alles. (Dasha, 22 jaar)

Coming back to the first question about “the one”, there is no such thing called “the one”. In short instead of trying to find ‘thr one’ why don’t you take advantage of your ‘singlehood’ emerse yourself in a deep relationship with Jesus, let Him help you to inculcate a character like Jesus, and be ‘the one’. No one can satisfy you, no man, no husband can satisfy you but only Jesus so why not you prepare and get yourself in a process to be a virtuous woman the Bible projects in proverbs 31, why don’t you today prepare and be the crown for your husband (Proverbs 12:4) and be the favour for your husband (Provers 18:22). These things can happen only when you all Jesus to do it by yielding to him. Like I said earlier, your husband can’t satisfy the desires of your heart but why don’t you and your husband satisfy the desire the desires of God fulfil the purpose of your coming together.

Today spend your time in seeking the Lord and not men. He should be first. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Are your priorities right?